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Can Rhonda Write?

Welcome! You’re on my website because you need great content for your website or for a client’s website — content that does what it’s supposed to do. Smart move!



Most larger web design and development shops have copywriters on staff or outsource to people like me.  But, far too often, content takes a back seat to the priorities of web designers and developers in smaller shops. These guys are obsessed with killer graphics and the code. When they say:“You bet!!…We got the content covered,” are they really saying…

We don’t do content, but Rhonda can write…”

If you’re building or re-branding a website, content is the glue that keeps customers on your website. Great content inspires customers to do what you want. Bad content drives customers to your competitor’s website.

Do you really want Rhonda writing the content that drives customers to your competitor’s website?

I can help.

What I Do

I’m a branding strategist and digital copywriter. Located in Atlanta, GA, my clients span the globe, wherever people speak English.

I create content for web designers, developers, and SMBs that’s unique, persuasive, useful and engaging. If you’re in services, healthcare or legal professions, retail or manufacturing, I can help.

Why Me

I’m a veteran of the marketing wars, having managed multi-million dollar consumer brands and large-scale advertising campaigns

Before retiring to indulge in my passion for writing, I spent 40 years in consumer products marketing. This included several years as chief marketing officer for two national advertisers and several more years as vice-president of an advertising agency.

What makes me unique is I focus on creating persuasive content that makes you unique.

Your First Impression Sales Associate

According to a study by GE Capital Retail Bank, 81 percent of shoppers do research online before buying. Your website is the all-important first sales associate that shapes visitor opinions about your business

2.6 Seconds

That’s how long it takes for visitors to scan your website and form a first impression, according to a study by the Missouri University of Science and Technology. After your website passes the millisecond look test that often results from powerful images, your content must kick in to:

  • Validate that your business offers what visitors want
  • Show how your business is unique
  • Give visitors a clear sense of how to get what they want
  • Demonstrate your trade or professional authority
  • Make the website visit a pleasant user experience
Brand-Focused Copywriting

If you need a copywriter who can create brand-focused copywriting to help achieve your business objectives, please contact me. I’d be dishonest to say there’s a shortage of talented copywriters. Many are phenomenal. But, few have my years of experience in building iconic brands. I respect the deep relationship consumers have with their brands and know what it takes to be a great brand.

I offer copywriting services for all digital and offline media, including:

Website pages,

Articles, White Papers, and Blogs,

Collateral material,

You can rely on me to deliver brand-focused content tailored to the demographic and psychographic profile of your target audience that fulfills your business objectives. Contact me and let’s discuss.

My Approach to Copywriting

These are the bare-bone minimum brand-focused questions you should expect from me before I start work. If you don’t hear the questions, you’re likely talking to another copywriter.

  • Purpose: What do you want the content to do?
  • Audience: How do you define your target audience?
  • Difference: What makes you different between from your competition?
  • Motivation: What motivates your customers to buy what you sell?
  • Benefit: What emotional benefit do you promise customers that your competitors do not?
  • Brand persona: What attributes do you want customers to associate with your brand?

These brand-focused questions start the process of creating unique, quality content that produces the results you expect.

WhenYour Dog Won’t Hunt

beagleandfoxWhen your dog won’t hunt for whatever reason and you need a copywriter to create compelling content in your style and with your voice, contact me today.