40+ Years in the Branding Wars – CMO for 2 National Advertisers – VP of a 4As Advertising Agency

Hi, I’m georgeeboy, G. Ellsworth Boykin. Thanks for visiting the site.

Thanks for visiting the site. After four decades in the Branding Wars, there’s not much about brands, banding and re-branding I haven’t seen, done and written about for several online publications. As CMO at Luster Products, Inc. and at Duraflame, I had stewardship for many familiar household brands. As VP of Account Management at Vince Cullers Advertising, I managed large-scale advertising campaigns for several national advertisers. Our clients included Kellogg’s, Pizza Hut, Sears’, Wrigley’s Allstate, Discover Card, Amoco Oil, and AT&T.

Tales From the Branding Wars

My first experience with branding happened at Quaker Oats as the junior guy on the Life cereal brand management team. Life was the company joke, an all-but-dead dog brand. Happily, legendary advertising giant, Bill Bernbach, snatched Life from the jaws of death with the celebrated “Mikey Won’t Eat Anything!” campaign. Bernbach is now in the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame along with Bert Manning, CEO of J. Walter Thompson, another of my early branding influencers.

Later in life, I had a long-standing collaborative association with another AAF Hall of Famer, Vincent T. Cullers of Vince Cullers Advertising. Vince made Soul Train, with the clarion call, “Watu Wazuri Use Afro Sheen,” a “must-see” Saturday morning ritual in the 1970s – 80s for millions of Americans.

Staying Out of Mischief

In retirement, I pursue my passion for writing by offering branding copywriting solutions to website designers, developers and small-business owners. My clients are serious about winning the branding wars. They want to win as much as I hate losing. When I’m not writing digital copy, I write about advertising and marketing solutions for several online publications, with over 300 articles published.

Branded Content

Great content is a team effort. My “friends” in creating great content are my clients. They collaborate as co-creators in the copywriting process and reap the benefits. Together, we uncover the core value proposition upon which great brands are built. Then, I do the wordsmithing to transform the value proposition into branded content. Branded content establishes your authority in your business specialty. People trust authority. Trust is the core of the branding process. Trusted brands always enjoy more patients, more clients, more customers, more sales.



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