Services and Feedback

Darkness_Light_bulb_1Electrifying Branding Content

Website Copywriting

  • SEO Branded Website Content
  • Branded Landing Page/Minisite Content

Content Marketing

  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Newsletters
  • Long/Short-Form Sales Letters
  • Press Releases

Marketing Services

  • Branding Strategies
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Business Plans

What My Client’s Say

“I’m quite pleased with your work!”

               – Jeff, Investment Banker

“George is incredible, hands down one of the best writers I have had the pleasure to work with! He was able to provide a high quality product in a timely manner that exceeded expectations. He is very understanding, and easy to work with. I definitely recommend his services to anyone who wants a product done right the first time around.”

             – Rafay, MD, MBA


            – Shiloh Military Park, Shiloh, TN 

“Wow! Potent content!”

            – Luis, Active Sports Wear

“Excellent! Thanks.”

            – Susan, Rockwood Art Pottery

“I’m happy!”

            – Madelyn, Dentist

“Thanks, George. It’s working. We’re punching above our weight!”

            – Geoffrey, London creative boutique email marketing letter


            – Lisa, Workers Compensation Attorney

“Excellent! Thanks.”

            – Sy, Auto Electronics


            – Merv, Currency Trader

“Good job, George!”

            – Howard, Rhinoplasty Surgeon

“Very well done.”

            – Vera, Online catalog retailer

“Fantastic article! I really enjoyed the angle you took with this. Thanks very much, George.

            – Richard, DIY Solar Electricity

“Excellent. Well written, good points made.”

            – Steve, Fiber Optic Cable


            – Philip, Internet Encryption      

“Thanks, George. You’re a lifesaver”

            – Patrick, Website developer


            – Lawrence, Professional Indemnity Insurance

“George is a marketer of the strategic-thinking type. Before he started on my project, he asked a series of penetrating and provocative questions, which forced me to think through my communication goals and how this project integrated with my other communication activities. Once he understood my needs, he produced a product that left me giddy with delight.”

            – Sarah, Home Health Care Services


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